Beekeeping Information – The Key To Successful Beekeeping

Learn the Basics Before Beginning

Beekeeping is the regulated process of raising bees so that honey can be collected. Keeping bees has behind it a long and fascinating history and is not just a rewarding hobby, but also has the potential to be a profitable business. But in order to see the potential from this enjoyable pastime become a reality, a great deal of relevant beekeeping information must first be absorbed. If you do your homework then your new, or existing, hobby will be a whole lot easier.

The Necessary Equipment That You Need

Ensuring that you have the correct equipment is the first element to successful beekeeping. The fundamental components of the hive itself are one of the first things for any beekeeper to consider, as the hive will be the backbone of your hobby and your business. Beekeepers can begin their business by purchasing “package” bees which is a quantity of adult bees, usually between 2 to 5 pounds (1 to 2 kilograms), purchasing an established colony or by collecting swarms themselves. For beginners, it’s highly advised to research as much beekeeping information as possible before investing in package bees as prices and packages do vary. Also necessary for a beekeeper is the protective gear such as a beekeeping suit, gloves, and a hat and veil. Smokers are used to moderate the bees so that working with a hive and the colony is made possible. Smokers give forth smoke that triggers a mechanism in the bees to abandon the hive due to the threat of a fire. It also masks the pheromone that is released by the guard bees to the rest of the hive when it is believed that an unwanted presence is nearby.

Extracting Your Honey From the Hive

The honey bee is very sociable and resides in hives as a colony can house thousands upon thousands of bees. All bees contribute to the collective by working together to construct the nest, forage for food and to raise the newborn bees. Modern beekeeping information shows beekeepers how they can take advantage of the natural inclinations of the honey bee to collect honey that can then be used for themselves or sold for a profit. One of the challenges a beekeeper faces is actually extracting the honey from the hive, but it’s imperative to not leave it there for too long. Honey left in a hive too long will be darker in color and the bees will have a reduced amount of room to store new honey. The color of the honey itself will not have any influence on its flavor, but it’s the perception for most that honey is light in color and this is what most people do prefer. It’s also crucial to not harvest the honey before it is ready. While honey matures it contains a good amount of water, and if harvested too soon, the honey could spoil or ferment. The bees themselves will let you know that the honey is ready to collect. When it’s noticed that there are wax caps covering the honey cells, it’s a sure sign to harvest. The prime time for a harvest is during a sunny day or when the bees are active, preferably in the morning.

The Benefits of Keeping Bees

Before you even think about purchasing your bees, you need to contact that your local government or council for beekeeping information regarding permits for beekeeping in your area. There are advantages to introducing bees though. Bees possess a calm nature compared to the likes of the hostile disposition of hornets and wasps, and if bees are the dominant insect population in a given area, then the wasps and hornets are less likely to move in. Bees do have stingers though, so provided you keep your hive in a place that’s not close to other houses or directly opposite a school or a park; or any recreational area for that matter. To get a better idea of where to place your hive on your property you can browse more beekeeping information via the links under “Interesting Articles” on the right hand side of this page and you can also benefit from my detailed Beekeeping Information mini-course by subscribing below!

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