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Dear Bee Enthusiast,

Welcome to Inside Beekeeping Secrets.

My name is Scott Harvey and I’ve been beekeeping for for over 10 years. During that time I’ve accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge that can be used as a beekeeping guide for others. As a bee enthusiast, my aim is to see that all bees and bee hives are properly cared for and maintained, so I’d like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

Please feel free to browse the links on my site for more information about bees and beekeeping, or you can sign up to my 10-part email mini-course and you’ll receive a free lesson each day in your inbox. You can use these lessons as a beekeeping guide to help you increase the productivity of your beehive and be enjoying more of your own honey sooner than you thought could be possible!


In my FREE Mini-Course, You’ll Learn:


Tick Box Are You Ready For Backyard Beekeeping?

Tick Box Four Sure-Fire Ways to Establish a Great Relationship With Your Neighbors

Tick Box When Is It a Good Time To Visit Your Honey Bees?

Tick Box Avoid Bee Stings Like a Pro!!

Tick Box What to Look Out For When Ordering Bee Colonies…

Tick Box How to Inspect Any Beehive With Confidence

Tick Box Avoid Potential Disasters When Relocating a Beehive

Tick Box Discover the Reasons Behind Swarming Behavior

Tick Box What to Expect During Winter and the Clustering Time For Bees

Tick Box The Best Time to Inspect Your Honey Bees

Tick Box Why a Beekeeping Guide Is Crucial and Much, Much More!!


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Sondra Clarke

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“Hi Scott,

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Your email course turned out to be a great beekeeping guide with things that I didn’t know about and was able to put into effect straight away! Within a month of buying my first hive, I had problems with my neighbours, was getting stung all the time and had mites as well. I had no idea what to do and it just got way out of control. By the time I found your site I was seriously panicking but your course showed that my hive was in a bad position in my yard to begin with and also showed me how I could relocate it safely, not to mention how to minimise the bee stings! I was also able to get rid of the pests as well and now I’m so happy to report that the hive is back to normal and the bees are going great - not to mention the honey - I can’t believe how much I have now! And it’s all because of your fantastic beekeeping guide newsletter!”

- Sondra, Sydney, Australia

Honeybee Lover

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Thank You So Much For Your Great Newsletter!!


Your newsletter was informative and had really great advice - just like a good beekeeping guide should be. And within a few weeks my hive was looking alot better, my bees were far happier and now my hive is churning out much more honey than I ever expected! I know people who have their own hives and I thought I could do it as well but I was certainly wrong. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even have all the right equipment…

Thanks so much!”

- T.B., Sydney, Australia

Learn All You Can About Keeping Happy And Healthy Bees and Maintaining a Thriving Beehive That Will Bring Joy To Your Life For Many Years To Come!


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Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey

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